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Snowflakes Freezer Paper Pieces are a product that I have been wishing someone would create for years!  I finally decided that I could be the one to do it, drew up a little business plan, and jumped right in!  Snowflakes are professionally die cut in a factory in New England, and are packaged by me in my smoke- and pet-free studio.  The freezer paper and all the packaging materials are made in the U.S.A.

Snowflakes are my home-based business, launched with an initial lineup of 5 basic shapes in 3-4 sizes each.  I am so excited that I am now adding lots of new shapes including honeycombs, octagons, pentagons, several different degrees of diamonds, and the pieces for Rose Star and La Passacaglia.  If there is a shape or size you would like us to create, please contact us; we aim to please!


About Me:

I used to dream of owning a brick-and-mortar quilt shop, but the realities of my family life make that impractical for now.  Through this little business I'm finding another way to connect with the crafty community that I so love.  

I came to this industry first and foremost as a quilter.  I am still a quilter and my greatest joy is pulling together fabrics from many different sources and creating something lovely.  Now my quilty thoughts revolve around how to share my ideas with others, thank you internet!

I'm a math-lete, designer, student of color and geometry, wannabe farmer, mom and teacher.  And now small business owner. 

Why Faraway Road?

My greatest goal in life is to find a little piece of ground and settle in, to plant fruit trees and berry bushes and raise veggies and happy hogs to feed my family.  I want to watch the sun set with no buildings between me and the horizon, and wake up to the morning mist pooling in the hollows.  I want to teach my kids the joy and the value of hard work by working together to produce some of our food and maintain our home.  When I named my business, we were in a little apartment with two kids.  Now we're in suburbia with four kids, but that dream is as strong as ever, and we're working towards it.  When my mind drifts, it's always to that most happy of places, so I named my business after that special place in my heart, my Faraway Road. 



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